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GMAC Complaint - GMAC customer service - cadillac sls
GMAC Complaint

GMAC Complaint


GMAC customer service - cadillac sls

For over 50 years my father was a GM car dealer (Cadillac). He was a staunch advocate of 'American-made cars' and was loyal to GM until his death a few years ago. No one in our family has ever purchased any vehicle that was not made by GM.
My husband and I have a leased vehicle, the lease is up this month. We contacted the dealer two months ago about 'turning' the vehicle in. Dealer at the time was worried about the TAXPAYER buy-out and told us he would look for a vehicle for us, not to worry and that Cadillac had a 'Pull-Ahead' deal and we would not have to pay the last two months on our lease. Being the daughter of a long time GM dealer, I knew what the dealer was saying. Lo and behold, phone call comes into my husbands business a few days ago with the threat "We will be repossessing the vehicle in ONE HOUR". My husbands secretary called him on the job to tell him. He then immediately made the final two payments to GMAC . What the heck? GM says one thing, then another? We are waiting for the new vehicle which was explained to GMAC but they did not want to listen. We have decided to cancel the new GM Cadillac we ordered and will be purchasing either a Lexus or Hyundai. After being loyal customers to GM for so many years, not to mention the family owning a dealership for many years, we are dismayed over the rudeness of the person from GMAC. First of all, giving out personal information to a secretary is an invasion of our privacy. Secondly, we were merely following Cadillac's instructions NOT to pay the last two months of the lease. Thirdly, as taxpayers, I am disgusted that any of our hard-earned money went into bailing out a company that obviously does not care about their customers. No wonder the company is folding.
Good-bye GM, you've lost another group of loyalists and you have no one to blame but yourselves and the ignorance of the GMAC employees who have no idea how to talk to people.

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GSGS says: (10 years ago)
My wife and I went to Meyer Chevrolet in Middle Village with the expectation of turning in our 2 2LT's and re-leasing 2 malibu LS's. We telephoned ahead and talked to Tom Dunn. He said come on in. When we got there,he told us that Chevy doesn't lease anymore..we would have to buy. We have leased through GMAC for the last 9 years,without a problem.We said that we were retiring in 3 yrs and that we wanted the standard equipment..no spoilers..sun roofs..etc.. He talked my wife into her car (showroom..no yard to look at other models)and me with a "locate". I showed him our recent fico scores..and he said that we were approved. We said no down payment..he said that will mean 1.9% for 60 months. We said ok. We signed preliminary contract on that day.3.29.2009. During this time I kept asking him about Chevy ad for LS in Daily News on 3.19.2009. He said that the LS would cost us more than the 1LT. I said lets wait till April and see what they offer. Tom mentioned the GM bailout and said alot of people turn their cars in for the summer,so there wouldn't be a lot of incentives. He said that we would have to sign now to get in under the 3.31.2009 deadline. My wife asked numerous times about pull ahead. Tom stated that we would not have to pay any more money on the cars we were turning in. He said we were both good for the pull ahead program. We negotiated the monthly payment over the next week.Sheila Meyer gave us another 5-8 dollars off.Tom did not offer any information about any incentives,. He went on vacation and Joe Fusco took over. We had doubts with going through with the 1LT's. Joe asked us to stick with buying my wife's car..cause GM card dollars were already applied to both cars..even though I had no car yet. I emailed Joe on April 3rd. I said we would take the1Lt's. Joe said that Wayne would take another 8-10 dollars off both cars. April 5th I talked to Wayne ..all agreed $334 per month. We went in on 4.15.2009 and signed all contracts for both cars. There was so much paper work..we signed what he told us. It turns out that my car was signed on 4.15 and my wife was on 3.31 even though we signed together on 4.15.2009.( Danny Meyer stated to my wife on phone that he saw us signing cars on the 15th), My 1.9 was bumped to 2.9% and both cars for 72 months instead of agreed 60 months. We had Credit Union, GM card, returning GMAC leasees, 2 malibus in houshold, chevy dollars, Wanted me to sign contract for car unseen. We waited till both cars were on lot..then we signed.4.15.2009. Joe Fusco stated "well how did you think we got the price down" Like I stated before 9 yrs with GMAC..no problem..until now...I have called Wayne at least 8 times...no call back.Santino called May 3rd. at 3:45 pm and stated that Tom Dunn will call us the next day. 2 weeks later.. no call yet. ..Tom, Joe, Wayne, Danny, Mike. Oh.. I didn't mention that my wife had appointment with Danny Meyer. It took my wife 1 hr. in rush hour to get to Meyer Chevrolet. They said he was not there.. in an emergency meeting...did not bother to call my wife and cancel.To this day,May 20th, he has not called back. WHICH reminds me Joe Fusco...My wife and I went in to sign papers on weekend(April 11...pouring rain..I called at 12:30pm. Joe said all papers were there. We arrived arrived 1:15pm and Joe told us papers were not all there, We could sign half of the papers..insurance etc..he advised us to sign when all the paperwork was there ..we looked at him and said yes and walked out. April 13 and 14 they still were not ready. Finally April 15th we went in to sign and to our surprise, we were also getting the new cars. It would finally be over. But Tom left without giving me insurance card for new car.I emailed Joe the next day, he said it would be faster if I did it. I contacted my insurance and they emailed a copy. Mike hit the wrong button and my wife was not eligible for pull ahead. I still was. Now my wife is in GMAC collections for $245. for last payment.We have never been in collections in our life.Wondering what is coming next.The stress that Meyer Chevrolet is putting us through is ruining our quality of life. NOW today I had to call ONSTAR and fix my account. They had me with 2 cars on my account. The car that Meyer messed up on in the beginning...no one ever changed it. On April 16th, I emailed Joe Fusco for copy of itemized rebates. No response as of today.1 month later and we are still cleaning up Meyer Chevrolet mistakes.This is a neverending problem with Meyer Chevrolet. No one has contacted us YET(5.29.20009) Now today, I find out that I am good for payment protection plan, but my wife is not...even though we both signed on 4.15.2009. Thanks to Tom Dunn's paper work error and Meyer not following up on any of our complaints..guess it time to take it up a notch and find a lawyer involved with this type of situation. BTW still don't know about outcome of pull ahead fiasco. Like I said no one has contacted us. Like I said..9 years without a problem. GS

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