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GMAC Complaint - Never again will I buy GM products and don't want GMAC again!
GMAC Complaint

GMAC Complaint


Never again will I buy GM products and don't want GMAC again!

This is a complaint and I will write my Senator and congressman on this issue.

How is it that a company that I have been loyal to for years (since 2001) suddenly turn on me the way it did. Here is my story.

In January 2007 I started to lease a 2007 Saturn ION to get my credit back on track after being unemployed for almost a year. Prior to getting the ION, I owned a 2001 Saturn SL1, to which I am proud of to be out of my Neon that made my life hectic due to breaking down and costing me hundreds of dollars.

Fast forward to 11/27/09 - I went into the Saturn of Huntsville dealership with the intentions of switching my lease to a buy and pay the car off. Well after speaking with a salesman who was polite and I filled out the application, I waited around the dealership for over 3 hours for them to tell me that GMAC denied my application to switch my lease to a purchase. I asked why and they said that I had some late payments (which was a lie because I checked my credit report prior to going there) and delinquencies (another lie). I asked if I can get this in writing from Saturn of Huntsville, located on Monrovia Blvd in Huntsville, AL that I had been turned down. Well Mr. Franky, the finance manager said that he spoke with a friend over at GMAC and he said if I can give them proof of income, and put down $1300 I could own my 2007 Saturn ION. I couldn't believe this as I have never had any problems with previous vehicles before.

I asked the salesperson at the dealership many times if I could get access to a computer with a printer and I can print out proof of my income and give it to them. Well the salesman at the computer ignored me and told me that I will have to come up with the $1300 first then give proof of income. I said fine, I would still like this information in writing.

December 2009 - checked my mail faithfully and nothing came saying that I had been turned down. Ok, then I took it upon myself to contact GMAC myself and low and behold, a person named Sandra from India answered the phone and told me that it is best to do what my dealership, again Saturn of Huntsville tells me to do. I told her that these guys are crooks and constantly lying to me about my credit and that I have to put $1300 down to switch my lease to a purchase. I don't think so, and I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said that she did not know her supervisor and could not put me through to anyone.

I then asked her if there is a denial letter being sent to me from Saturn of Huntsville as I have tried to explain my situation and she said that there is nothing that she can do for me. I was sooo angry and fed up that I hung up in this person's face.

Two days later, I called Saturn of Huntsville back and they said that instead of $1300, I now have to put down $2500 instead. I then cursed at the salesman and the financial manager and asked them how is it that I wrote down $1300 and now it has increased to $2500?!!! The financial manager then said that that had always been the downpayment (again, more lies) and that they have not heard from me in a while. I then cursed at him for lying to me several times and trying to coerce me into purchasing another vehicle. Mr Franky then said "look! I have seen people get approved and they don't deserve it. Then GM is discontinuing Saturn and things have changed since 2007." I then asked what does that have to do with me wanting to convert my lease to a purchase?

He then offered me a Saturn Aura (again, trying to force a another car on me) and I said that I will think about it. I contacted GMAC again and they reviewed my account (again someone from India or somewhere else in Asia) that told me they will do another credit check and that they and they will send me an application in the mail. I told them about the crooks over at Saturn of Huntsville and the lies they have told me. They said that they can't do anything about this; as I did ask them who and where do I file a complaint against this dealership that I once loved and now I cannot stand driving by the place! She said she didn't know and asked her supervisor about this and they said that there was no place nor anyone that I could talk to file a complaint. Oh well I am back to the drawing board.

Fast forward to February 2010 - I did not receive a rejection letter from GMAC nor these other car places. I pulled another copy of my credit report and so far, there was nothing there. I turned the car (My Saturn) in to Capital Chevrolet and explained my story to them. The person was nice to me and said that he was not going to judge them in Huntsville, but I was better off coming to them first and they could have switched it over without the drama. I told him too late, as I now have a VW. I am done with GM and GMAC all together as they have along with this dealership made life for me hectic. I always paid my payments on time yet then they screw me over like this. No thanks, I am going to Ford, Chrysler, or imports.

I contacted GMAC again to make a settlement on the mileage over on my lease, and the person I spoke to was Wanda, who seemed to understand my story until she threatened that if I do not make the payments, then they will forward my account to further collections. I tried to settle with her for $1500 and she said no, but try $2200 instead. I will call them back on Monday with an update. I would like to speak to someone else other than her. She seemed sympathetic up until she told me I need to do my research. Ummm! Ok! I always do my research prior to purchasing anything! She then hung up on me. I will speak to them again on Monday and see where this drama will head to next. Hmmmm.....to be continued......

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